This blog collection may very well raise more questions than it answers. Indeed what I’d like to see are your two cents. Because the more  input this blog collects the more likely we can distill what may lie at the bottom of the test tube.

Andwhat may lie down there, after everything is boiled off, may actually tell us what it is we want from our schools for our students.

The more I read, and the more I experience in what is now forty-two years of education at all levels is that we don’t know what we want.

“We want students to have high self esteem.”

“We want students prepared for the twenty-first century.”

“We want students to compete in a global economy.”

“We want students to meet high standards.”

Oh I know there’s more. But let’s start with what’s above in succeeding posts before I weigh in with what I think we need and what we want. But I will foreshadow my thoughts right now by stating very firmly that we as a nation have not gotten our act together and we really have to do that.

Now, having said this, it still begins with knowing what we want. That speaks to the the three P’s. What is probable, what is possible and what is PREFERABLE!