File this as basic vocabulary that will thread through every post:

When it comes to the future think of the the three P’s

What is Possible.

What is Probable.

What is Preferable.

When you think of it most anything may be possible. For example it’s possible that top-down management will produce effective schools.

Ah but it may NOT be probable, given what the research seems to suggest about top-down management. See Diane Ravitch if you need more convincing.

And in the end, it’s about about what one PREFERS that should be the basis for our actions, provided that we know what we prefer.

Come to think of it, the conversation above reminds me of Wiggins’ Understanding by Design, or if you know anything about Steven Covey his “Begin with and end in mind” habit. (You should check these out)

And now we go back to the first post. What is it that we want from our schools for our the children we know we must educate?